First, it was a hobby. Now, it’s gotten out of control.

Andy began ruining stovetops with boiling wort in about 1996 or so after his brother bought him a homebrewing kit for his birthday.  In a few years, the hobby became an obsession, and soon, beer was about the only thing he would talk to you about.  Needless to say, Andy’s circle of friends has always been… interesting…. Enter Jamie and Brian.


Andy brought his obsession to Chicago in 2001 as he started law school at DePaul.  As friends-of-friends, Andy met up with Jamie at, where else, a beer event, and Jamie introduced Brian.  It all kind of went downhill from there.


While Brian and Jamie finished up their MBAs, beer is what the three friends had in common, so why not spend all their time talking, making, and drinking beer?  Before long, Brian and Jamie caught the homebrewing disease, too.  In time, they each had some success at a few small local and regional homebrewing contests.  As you might imagine, everyone they knew encouraged them to make more (free) beer, and their skills improved.


Sometime in 2012, Brian and Jamie had enough of corporate America and brought Ten Ninety online.  Initially, Andy stayed out.  But, the lure of all that gleaming stainless steel brewing equipment (and the beer, of course) was just too much.  Though initially exiled in Zion (Illinois), Ten Ninety caught the attention of the craft beer community and a loyal following with unique “Imperial” offerings.


In early 2016, after a long search for a new home, Ten Ninety came to Brian’s adopted hometown of Glenview.  Here, Ten Ninety has expanded not only its production, but also its brewing palette.  While Ten Ninety will always offer its core of “Imperial” beers, its medium and lighter beers uniquely explore everything craft beer can be.


As ever, Ten Ninety’s mission is to brew extraordinary small batch beers meant to be thoughtfully enjoyed.  Simply put, Ten Ninety is Craft Beer Elevated.